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If you head an internal team, it is probably your responsibility to manage the Client Survey's distribution, collection, and consolidation.

The Client Survey should be customized to be client- or industry-specific.

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This includes looking at competitive sites, interviewing or meeting with your customers and any other method of gaining insight into your industry and audience.The Discovery team can be one person or a posse of researchers.Regardless, Discovery starts with the Client Survey. By asking clients the right questions, you guide them into aligning their business objectives with the constantly changing, evolving, and demanding web.We include a lot of handy tools designed to help you help your client provide the necessary information you need to define goals, objectives, budgets, timelines, and of course, the audi ence. But because it is often necessary to define quite a bit of the project in order to get it, there is a great deal of information here that is potentially helpful.

(Don't miss this one; defining your audience and their goals is one of the most important and overlooked preparatory points in any development project, web or otherwise.) Please note that this chapter outlines the workflow steps necessary for defining a project. Note Discovery is an industry-wide term that can mean several things.

If this is the case, the Discovery process can be shortened and details incorporated into the Project Plan and Communication Brief.